Episode 1
Episode 1
Japanese Title 自縄自縛 -Liar-
Romanized Title Jijō jibaku - raiyā -
English Title Liar Caught in Her Own Trap
Airdate Oct 5, 2014
Chapters 1
Theme Music
Opening LOVE GOOD TIME by SpecialThanks
Ending Ookami Heart by Oresama.
Next Episode Episode 2
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Liar Caught in Her Own Trap is the first episode of the Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji Anime Series.


Erika has been lying for a while about the fact that she has a boyfriend and her friends are starting to suspect she might by lying. So Erika decides she has to do something.

While she was outside thinking on what she should do she sees a really handsome boy and suddenly she gets an idea. She could make that boy her boyfriend. All she needs is a picture, but she got too close and the boy sees her, so she runs away.

At school she shows her friends the photo of the boy, but Aki seems to know him from somewhere. The boy is in the same school as her and is known as Sata Kyouya, but poeple call him prince and it looks like Sata heard everthing, so Erika grabs Sata and runs outside where she tells him the whole situation she is in (after realizing he is a nice guy). But her happy thoughts are crushed after Sata asks her to turn three times, hold Sata's hand and say woof.

Erika doesn't know what's going on, so Sata explains it. Erika must become his dog in order for him to act like her boyfriend. Erika is left without a choice and accepts it.

The days pass by and Erika realizes she is becoming more like Sata's slave. At lunch Aki and Marin decide to join Erika and Sata. There they loudly ask if Sata really is into bondage play. Erika decides to tell it was a lie, but Sata stands up, holds Marin by her cheeks and says "I suppose I do like it. Tied up like you can't move one inch of your body. Until you can't even use this annoying mouth of yours. Want to try it?" He then takes Erika's hand and they leave the cafeteria. Erika tries to apologize, but Sata says it's his duty as her "boyfriend."

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