Episode 10
Episode 10
Japanese Title 掉棒打星 -Happy birthday-
Romanized Title Mudana doryoku -Happy birthday-
English Title Wasted Effort -Happy Birthday-
Airdate December 7, 2014
Chapters 16, 17
Theme Music
Opening LOVE GOOD TIME by SpecialThanks
Ending Ookami Heart by Oresama.
Previous Episode Episode 9
Next Episode Episode 11
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At school, Erika tells Kyoya that her birthday is coming up (June 23). He asks her what she wants. She wants love. Later that night Kyoya asks Nozomi and Takeru what love is, since it is such an abstract concept for him. He asks what he should get her. Nozomi says to compliment her outfit while Takeru says to take her out to a restaurant. However later the next day, Kyoya eavesdropped on Erika while she was talking to San. Erika wants Kyoya to say "i love you" to her. On her birthday, they go to a restaurant, watch a movie, window shop and later take a nightime boat cruise. Throughout all of this Kyoya is trying to say "i love you" but every time becomes flustered and makes some excuse. At the end of their date, while a car passes by, Kyoya says "I love you". Erika says that this has been the best birthday ever

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