Erika Shinohara
Manga - Anime


Biographical Information
Kanji 篠原 エリカ
Horoscope Virgo
Birthday September 7 th
Age 16 (Star of the Series)

17 (Pre Time-Skip) 26 (Post Time-Skip)

Class Second year class 4
Relationships Unnamed Mother

Erika's Father
Kyouya Sata (Husband)
Yuina Sata (Daughter)

Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Height 156 cm
Weight 45 kg
Blood Type A
Anime Episode 1
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Kanae Itou

Erika Shinohara es la protagonista femenina de Ookami Shoujo i Kuro Ouji. Ella mintió un sus amigos sobre tener un novio y demando que un individuo de una imagen que ella tomó era su novio. Wynik que fue Kyouya Sata, quien pasa a ir su esuela. Más tarde en la serie, ella desarrolla algunos sentimientos por él, y luego fueron devueltos. Los do s? Udzia? Yi wi? Cej w celach komercyjnych.


Erika is a school girl who has an average height and figure. She has large brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair which she chopped off to a bob later on in the series. She usually leaves her long locks loose, but styles it in a ponytail with some accessories occasionally. Like other characters, she is usually seen wearing her school uniform which consists of a white blouse, a yellow vest and a striped red and white bow. She has a fondness for cute things and her casual clothes are usually girly.


Erika is often seen as an easy-going girl, but is quite gullible as noted by Kyouya. She also has a strong determination and a lot of confidence, but is afraid to show it in front of her boyfriend. She was also noted to be a "masochist" by her best friend, Ayumi San, when she told her that she agreed to being Kyouya's pet dog in exchange for him to be her pretend boyfriend. Erika has a habit of telling boastful lies which often comes back to bite her in the end. Besides that, she's also a glutton, someone who is capable of eating a lot.


  • Erika gets the name "Wolf Girl" from the popular story, The Boy Who Cried Wolf as an attribute to her habit of lying
  • She is noted to be a masochist
  • She loves eating (refer to chapter 32)

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