• "Aren't you my girlfriend? Just shut up and be protected."
  • "No we aren't dating, but she does belong to me. It gets me mad when you hurt her for no reason."
  • (to Erika) "Girls who push their kindness onto others. I hate them to death. "I have a really beautiful heart, so please fall in love with me!" I'm only surrounded by these types of girls and they piss me off. But it's not that simple. In the end, they are just making a fool of themselves. But you... You're different from the other girls. You don't have ulterior motives or anything to gain. You've always been easygoing. That's why to you, I thought It'd be okay to at least say thank you."
  • (to Erika) "I might have to train you again in square one."
  • (to Kusakabe) "I'm taking her back, okay?"
  • (to Kamiya) "It doesn`t matter how much trash that you`ve picked up, You just got a pile of trash"
  • (to Terapon Chapter 43) "Erika belongs to me, what she wants doesnt matter, if you want her get my approval"

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